Connected Leadership Journal: Student Version

Connected Leadership Journal: Student Version

Clarify Your Leader Self-Identity

The clarity of a leader’s self-identity is one of the strongest predictors of leadership effectiveness.

Those students who can articulate and share their leadership philosophies, their Leader P.O.V.® (points of view) - in a concise, compelling, and memorable way will enjoy increased influence and overall effectiveness.

Connected Leadership: Exploring Your Leader P.O.V.® provides writing prompts for reflecting on your influence and leadership experiences, values, beliefs, and principles.

Your Leadership P.O.V. (R)

The Connected Leadership Journal: Student Version is a reflective practice tool written to help you:

1. Enhance your understanding of how you seek to influence and lead.

2. Explore your personal values regarding influence and leadership.

3. Build your confidence and achieve greater influence and leadership.

4. Strengthen your influence and leadership capacity and efficacy.

5. Discover and share your leader self-identity.

Leader P.O.V.® Statement

As you complete your journal you will be invited to create a 200 to 500-word, compelling, memorable, and repeatable Leader P.O.V.® (point of view) statement.

Written and shared in a way that clearly, yet concisely, conveys the essence of your leadership to the reader or the listener a Leader P.O.V.® Statement will reveal:

  • How you personally define leadership including what you believe to be the role, responsibilities, and relationship between leaders and followers.
  • Why you initially chose to be a leader and when, where and why you might continue to serve in that role.
  • What you hope to accomplish as a leader. Why you lead. Your leadership intention.
  • Your beliefs, guiding principles, philosophy, and non-negotiable expectations of self and others.
  • How you conceptualizes your current leadership and the leader you aspire to be.

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