Teach what you know with online classes..

Teach what you know with online classes..

Teach what you know
with online classes.

We bring a richer, deeper interactive
experience to online learning.

Teach what you know
with online classes.

We bring a richer, deeper interactive
experience to online learning.

Okay. Let’s keep this simple.

If you want to teach online and you're not a super tech ninja, good news, you're in the right place.

MogoBooks not only gives you simple, powerful lesson-building tools, we also make it easy for content creators to convert lessons to interactive classes.

Make it interesting. Make it interactive.

Now you can add fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, and free-form questions to your lessons. These interactive options makes the experience much more interesting and helps learners truly learn.

I created my interactive class
in just 15 minutes.

Time is money they say, so a fast solution was important to me..

Make it interactive.

Fill-in-the Blank.

Learners engage with your content by answering fill-in-the-blank questions you create.

Free Form Questions.

Free form questions allow learners to journal and record answers to thought-provoking questions..

Multiple Choice.

Add as many options as you like to help learners choose the right answers to factual questions.

Freedom is good.

You're going to love the customization MogoBooks allows you.

You can upload your own images to brand your library of interactive class so that it reflects the thing that makes you . . . so special. Add as many classes as you like.


Do you want reports on user activity, engagement, and sales? Alrighty. MogoReports gives you insights to how your business is performing, a progress report on your learners, and ability to evaluate which classes are getting the most engagement.

Promotional Pages

Promote your courses with your own sales web page.

Interactive Lessons

Multiple interactive formats gets your members engaged.

Cash In

Sell individual courses or monthly-based memberships.


Get valuable progress data for each course you create.

Make it stand out.

With Mogo, you can create web pages that promote your interactive classes.

Are you a teacher or a tutor? If so, Mogo gives you control and instant feedback with all your students.

Enterprise Accounts

Do you belong to an organization that wants to create your own customized library of classes for teaching and training? If so, we have good news. We do that. You can have your own URL and even create multiple libraries for each location. Check out this video one of our most recent Enterprise clients created:

Check out this live site using Mogo technology.


Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

MogoBooks is a powerful, online platform that gives content creators a true interactive solution. Give it a try for free and discover the difference MogoBooks can make to your business and mission.

It’s so easy.

Style your library

Add your own personal flair to your library and to each course or series.

Build it

Use simple drag and drop tools when adding content including images, videos, and interactive questions.

Cash in

Charge per course or create your own membership subscription plan.

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